Our Businesses

Distribution and Warehousing

Our distribution and warehousing business in Singapore remains one of our core businesses. We are a leading importer and distributor of a wide range of international food brands, including our very own Cowhead, Farmland, Farmchef, Haton, Orchard Fresh and Spices of the Orient proprietary brands.

Distribution and Warehousing

Ben Foods

Our distribution and warehousing activities are wholly integrated and supported by our own fleet of refrigerated trucks, multi-temperature storage, logistics and distribution facilities.

We import and distribute a wide variety of food and beverage products including meat, milk and dairy products, frozen vegetables, soups, pastries, noodles, confectionery, sauces, spreads, snack products, wines and juices.

Ben Foods’ own proprietary brands of food products have not only become familiar household names, but are exported regionally to countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Our house brands comprise the Cowhead range of quality milk and dairy products, Farmland processed food products, Farmchef (frozen potatoes and meat), Haton (seafood products), Orchard Fresh (beverages) and Spices of the Orient (sauces and seasonings).

We strive to strengthen our proprietary brands by launching new, innovative and functional food products each year.

In 2022, we launched the Cowhead range of creamy instant noodles. This range includes a variety of Asian spicy and western pasta flavours. Cowhead creamy instant noodles are being promoted to be cooked with Cowhead UHT milk as a strategy to further strengthen the brand through product synergy.

Our customers are the foodservice sector and include food manufacturers, fast-food chains and restaurants, supermarkets, wholesalers, independent retail outlets, hotels, hospitals, bakeries, in-flight kitchens and ships.

Our Wine & Spirits division represents and distributes wines from various countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Left to right: Farmland Chicken Nuggets, Cowhead Buttermilk Pancakes, Farmchef Rosti Hashbrowns, Cowhead Sliced Cheese, Cowhead UHT Pure Milk, Farmland Shoestring Fries Cowhead Creamy Instant Noodles

NCS Cold Stores

NCS is a large fully equipped independent public cold store in Singapore. Featuring multiple temperature storage rooms, the warehouse complex in Jurong, less than 10 minutes’ drive from Jurong Port, is automated with computerised facilities. It has a total storage capacity of over 50,000 cubic metres or 14,000 pallets. Two of its cold rooms are fitted with a storage and retrieval system using a semi-automatic crane and a pallet transfer unit that can handle cargo in just 2 minutes.

NCS provides an efficient one-stop service for our customers. Its integrated facilities include document clearance, container plug-in and trucking services, rooms for processing, repacking of cargoes and cargo deliveries through our fleet of refrigerated trucks. The company obtained ISO 22000:2018 certification in August 2020. It is a member of the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW), USA.

QAF Fruits Cold Store

QAF Fruits is a joint venture with a number of fruit wholesalers. The complex provides cold storage facilities for fresh fruits and vegetables. The custom-built chiller rooms have a total storage capacity of 15,000 cubic metres. Other integrated facilities include 48 container-loading bays with refrigerated container plug-in points, and high-tech logistical equipment.