Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

  • Gardenia Malaysia spreads the importance of eating breakfast at a Breakfast Day Carnival held in collaboration with a renowned beverage brand.

  • Gardenia Singapore helps consumers make low GI choices at the “Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy” Challenge roadshow organised by the Health Promotion Board, Singapore.

  • Gardenia Philippines' School Nutri-Tour program promotes nutrition and wellness to schoolchildren in the Philippines.

  • We play an active role in promoting the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle

  • Gardenia Singapore at the "Harmony Iftar 2018 @ Marine Parade Cluster" health event organised by the Indian Muslim Social Service Association.

  • The Gardenia Malaysia booth at the Nutrition Month Malaysia 2018 health carnival, “Your Only Choice: Eat Healthy & Be Active”.

  • Young people learn the benefits of a healthy diet at the "Chef Cilik" cooking workshop organised by University Kebangsaan Malaysia and supported by Gardenia Malaysia.

  • Gardenia Singapore's Low in Sugar campaign features ten Low in Sugar Gardenia loaves that contain less than 5g sugar per 100g loaf.

  • Gardenia Singapore’s educational outreach on the prevention of pre-diabetes at ITE Headquarters, Singapore.