Board of Directors

Lin Kejian

Joint Group Managing Director
Executive Director

Mr Lin Kejian was first appointed as a non-executive Director of the Company on 1 December 2007. On 1 October 2010, he became an executive Director of the Company holding the post of Operations director. He assumed the position of Deputy Group Managing Director of the QAF Group in September 2014 and thereafter Joint Group Managing Director of the QAF Group with effect from 1 January 2017.

Prior to him joining the Company, Mr Lin was the business manager of Culindo Livestock (1994), a family-owned private enterprise whose principal activity is that of importer and supplier of live pigs to Singapore. Mr Lin holds a degree in Business Administration (major in Finance) from California State University, Los Angeles.

Mr Lin is the son of Mr Lam Sing Chung, a Director and Chairman of the Company. He is also a controlling shareholder of the Company.